Dog Foods That Boost Energy

For dogs to live an active life, you have to provide them with a balanced diet. More specifically, you will need to supply them with high protein dog food. Sometimes your dog may seem to be lethargic and less active. You need to understand that the animal could be lacking sufficient minerals. The condition may lead to health complications. To restore the normal condition of the dog, you have to give it foods that contain high energy to sustain the body temperature and functioning.

Among the recommended foods that you can offer the dogs are:

Raw meat

This is an important source of proteins. A meal for a dog should contain about 20% of proteins. Among all foods, raw meat has the greatest amounts of proteins. Meat from lambs is most ideal and you should feed the dog with the whole piece that includes bones. Raw meat is easily cut off the bones. It is not advisable to cook the meat because bones will be softer, posing a danger to the dogs since they have a choking risk. Alternatively, you can obtain affordable meat cuts from shops such as hamburger or buy frozen meat.


Fruits are very important in dogs diet. We know that dogs can produce certain vitamins themselves, but there are a group of vitamins that dogs need to get from foods or supplements because their body does not create them. Dogs need vitamins A, E, B, C, D, K and fruits are one of the best source of these vitamins. Dogs can eat honeydews also fruits such as apples, pears, plums have a lot of diet fiber which is very important for healthy digestive system.


Dogs require sufficient supply of carbohydrates and rice is the most common source of it. You need to supply your dogs with rice which forms compounds that generate energy in the body as well as enhancing digestion. Rice is ideal because of the low prices in the various outlets. You can also feed your dog with rice if it suffers diarrhea since the meal boosts the digestive system. Foods that are sold commercially have been blended with rice.


Dog meals must contain around 9 to 15 percent of fats. Your dog requires sufficient amounts of fats because they are concentrated compounds of energy that are broken down during activities. Fats are stored in the body system for longer times. If you need ideal percentages of fats for your pet, you have to buy commercial foods because they are processed with specific estimations that are recommendable. Your animal is also at risk if you feed it with excessive coconut oil that is hydrogenated. You need to avoid fish oils because they deprive your pet of vitamin E therefore limiting the animal’s immunity. Little amounts of fats are also not ideal because they amount to skin infections.

Vitamin Supplements

You can find these supplements from dog stores because they are not easily generated from common meals. Deficiency of vitamins lowers the general strengths of dogs. Their energy levels drastically reduce causing them to shun away from activities. Most supplements contain vitamin B. When you provide your pet with this type of vitamin, it acquires coenzymes as a result of the complex that is formed. The coenzyme is involved in the energy production process within the body of the animal. You should also provide the enzymes in correct levels therefore sourcing the products from commercial outlets is the recommended approach. You may wish to acquire supplements naturally. The meal to offer your dog is green tripe which is loaded with enzymes that help dogs’ digestion. The naturally occurring meal has vitamins B as well as elements of phosphorous and calcium. Green tripe also provides amino acids which are building blocks of proteins that end up energy reserves for your dog.

Raw eggs

Unlike the meals that come in specific estimations of percentages, you can independently ascertain a number of eggs to give to your dog. However you have to be selective to provide eggs that have been laid by chicken raised in pasture. Such eggs do not have adverse hormonal effects to your pets. Eggs provide whole meals to your animal because they contain vitamins, fatty acids, iron and folate.

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All these elements will contribute to the energy formation process in the body. In addition to energy, the dog will remain healthy because the vitamins enhance the immunity of the animal. You may also crush the egg shells to supply your pet with phosphorus and calcium which are vital nutrients to strengthen the bones of the dog. Eggs are not expensive and they can limit the costs of purchasing foods from commercial stores.

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