How to Improve Your Dog’s Diet

While feeding your dog, you have to make careful decisions to improve health and well-being. Diet is supplementary to mental health and exercise. There are changes that you ought to implement especially if there are negative changes in the health of the pet. Some tips are ideal if you want to sustain healthy dogs that are full of energy and activity. You need to observe the following to improve the dog’s diet:

Dog's diet

Take note of the labels in the commercial stores

You have an opportunity to examine the labels and determine whether the foods have stayed beyond expiry dates or not. Relying on advertisements can be detrimental as well since not all outlets can be trusted for healthy foods. Individuals who do the advertisements may formulate attractive messages for just poorly processed meals. Labels also have information concerning the amount of nutrients and ingredients used to process the meal. You need to establish the correct amounts needed for your animal by doing research. This will limit the adverse effects that some nutrients have upon the dogs.

Provide your pet with whole foods that are fresh

Whole foods include fruits and vegetables that have live enzymes that directly act to foster the health of the dogs. Such foods have enough fiber which improves digestion, limiting the instances of constipation that are common among dogs that are poorly fed. Foods found on shelves have been destroyed through cooking, prompting manufacturers to add inorganic fiber that has synthetic limitations. However, you need to identify ideal fruits and vegetables that are suitable for dogs because some fruits have no nutritional importance upon the animals. Some of the recommended whole foods are beetroot leaves and broccoli stems.

Do not cook meals for dogs but offer them in the raw form

Apparently all species in the world consume meals in their raw forms apart from man. Although cooked food is tasty, it has since lost many nutrients in the process. Besides, when animal bones are cooked, they generate carcinogenic matter that leads to cancer. Therefore your pet is at a greater risk of suffering cancer if you constantly provide it with cooked products.

Avoid gluten

This refers to corn that is dried and mixed with dog food before it is packed and sold to consumers. The danger about gluten is that it is generated from GMO cereals. The residue is added to the meals to break down fats that may become rancid. Although this is important, the danger of gluten is more pronounced since it retains body wastes in the body system. The wastes strain the animal organs like kidneys and liver.

Do not over-feed your dog

You have a duty as a dog owner to study the bodily reactions and changes of your pet. For example, your dog may be overweight or underweight. You have to adjust your feeding program to enable the dog either lose or gain weight. In the younger age, you should keep your dog slim because these are its active years. With time the dog will naturally gain weight as it approaches adult age.

Before embarking on determining the best food for your dog, it is advisable to first check with your veterinarian. This helps to establish the causes of the condition. After confirming that the weight loss is not as a result of medical conditions, you can begin adding more calories in his diet. The best dog food for weight gain should have high levels of proteins and calories.

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Provide clean water

Do not forget to water your pet. Many owners do not remember that dogs need water. Again, water should be free from chemical components. It could be costly to purify water but you can obtain naturally flowing water from wells and rain. Unlike other domesticated animals, dogs are highly susceptible to diseases that are caused by chemicals found in water. Therefore you ought to avoid tap water since most tap water is highly concentrated with the chemical compounds. Apart from providing the necessary feeds, the feeding environment and tools have to be cleaned in order to avoid contaminations.

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